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Covasna city is located in the Eastern Carpathians bend at the foot Breţcu. The resort spa permanent national interest lies 31 km from St. George, 60 km from Brasov and 250 km from Bucharest. Covasna resort has 12,200 inhabitants and administrative subordinates Chiurus town.
 Known as the city of mineral springs, Covasna town is crossed by the creek of the same name. The altitude varies between 550-600 m, and the climate is cool, the depressions. Summer nights are cool and the winters are cold. The air has a high content of negative ions - a natural therapeutic factor.
The first document of the city dates from 1567 Covasna, in 1773 the mineral waters from Covasna and chemical analyzes in a geography textbook published in Vienna in 1818 is already mentioned as a spa. In 1952 they declared a city and the administrative reorganization of Romania with 1968 renamed the resort Covasna resort
It is one of the most important resorts of Romania, has 9 hotels and more private pensions and a camping. Covasna city's economy is based mainly on the food industry, tourism and agriculture.
Mineral water springs have very high flow rates (some have a rate of more than 1000 liters per hour) and are spread throughout the city (over 1500 sources) some private homes where there is mineral water wells. They are of great variety is carbonated, bicarbonate, ferruginous, chlorine, iodine, hypertonic, hypotonic, brominated.diseases treated
Valley of the Fairies - Fairies Valley is located in the eastern part of the city Covasna is the favorite promenade of tourists arriving in Covasna. Here are located Cardiology Hospital and some of the big hotels in the resort and in the upper valley is located Fairies inclined plane, most of the attractions of this area.Also take Fairies Valley and the famous show called Nedeia Mocănească every year in July, near the day of St. Elijah (usually last or penultimate Sunday in July).

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