miercuri, 25 martie 2015


 The Negrași Daffodil Meadow  is a protected area near Negrași Commune, in Argeş County, Romania. It was declared as a natural reservation on June 24, 1966.

The Daffodil Meadow is situated in the southern part of Argeș County, in the Găvanu-Burdea Plains, near the confluence of Dâmbovnic River and its tributary, Mozacu. It is a remote, unpolluted area. It is located at 40 km (25 mi) from Piteşti, in the area of Negrași Commune, at about 12 km (7.5 mi) from Rociu. The access route is the county road DJ503. It is usually closed in winter.

 The reservation has 4.3 hectares (11 acres) and protects a rare daffodil, Narcissus poeticus, ssp. Radiiflorus.

Every May 13, a daffodil festival is held in Negrași.

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